Joint research project

Smart area aachen consists of seven individual projects in which different project partners are involved.


  • ABB
  • FGH
  • TU Dortmund

Intelligent Secondary Substation

The objective of this project is the improvement of secondary substations. The increasingly decentralized feed-in into low voltage grids by decentralized energy resources puts new demands on existing secondary substations, so these need to be further developed. The possibility of a violation of the voltage band as well as a load flow reversal lead to the need of autonomous control as soon as possible. The necessary measurement technology has the additional advantage of better observability of low and medium voltage grids. For this purpose, so called intelligent secondary substations are installed, which are connected to the control room via information and communication technology.
After an analysis of the technology and a definition of the demands by all partners, a prototype of an Intelligent Secondary Substation (i3S) is built by ABB, which will comply with all the requirements of future grids. After an agreement about the locations with ABB and FGH e.V., the i3S is installed and monitored by STAWAG. The assessment of the operating performance of the i3S is the basis for smart fault detection and error handling developed by ie3 (TU Dortmund) which is implemented in the i3S. These will allow an autonomic localization of faults in the medium voltage grids through intelligent secondary substations.
Finally the new features are verified and assessed by STAWAG.